"World's Best Female Copywriter!"


"Mara is an amazing and very talented direct response copywriter. I know this because I was hands on in teaching her myself for 3 years. She wrote high-converting direct response copy behind the scenes for my business when I owned Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle which helped it to become the largest education company for Small Business Owners of its time. Now she's writing for me again as I market and sell my new OUTRAGEOUS MARKETING CAMPAIGNS books, events, and courses. I trust her in her skill and knowledge of using the copywriting principles we used to grow my own business and give her and her team of copywriters my highest recommendation."


Copy is EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. you use to promote, sell, and deliver your product or service in your business. 

(Yes, every single one!)

And because you can't promote and sell your offerings without communicating what they are and how they help people, your sales copy has ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS IN YOUR COMPANY with some BIG RESPONSIBILITIES to bear.

Some of the Companies Mara and Her Crew of Direct Response Copywriters Have Written for Include:

And Many Many More...

And Many Many More...

Service Professionals

Medical Professionals

Brick and Mortar Store Owners

Conference and Event Hosts

AND so much more!

CONSULT and COMMIT – Schedule a consult to get started. This is where you get to know us, we get to know you, and if we are confident we can help, we have a conversation about what that looks like and the next steps to get started (i.e.: process, timeline, and pricing).

RESEARCH – The MOST IMPORTANT part of the process! To write GREAT copy, three things need to happen: 1) We need to understand your voice; 2) We need to understand your content;  3) We need to get inside the mind of your buyer and figure out what needs to be communicated for them to make a buying decision. This happens during the research process and can look a little different for each client. Sometimes that looks like us sending you a list of questions and having  you voice record the answers to share with us. Sometimes that looks like us watching your videos, program, or product to get an understanding of your content and material. Sometimes that looks like us creating a survey to send to your audience so we can truly understand them, their needs, wants, and desires, and what’s going to inspire them to buy. Sometimes we only need to do one of these things. Sometimes all three. It really just depends, and we figure it out together.

WRITE – The Direct Response Copy Girl and her team get to writing to complete your first draft. (Tap tap tap on the keyboard.)

REVIEW – This is the part of the process where you grab your favorite bevy and hop on a conference call with us to review the draft, share your feedback, and discuss any adjustments that might be needed.

EDITS (If Needed) – Sometimes we need to make edits. Sometimes we don’t.  

We do what we gotta do.

FINAL APPROVAL – You give us the A-okay and tell us you LOVE what we wrote!

1st PROOF WITH EDITOR – Our professional proofreader edits all copy and campaigns for spelling and grammar, saving you an extra step. (Many direct response copywriters won’t do this.)

2nd PROOF WITH THE DIRECT RESPONSE COPY GIRL – Once our editor proofs your campaign, the Direct Response Copy Girl and her team re-proof their work to make sure the integrity of the message remains intact after spelling and grammar adjustments.

PRINT or PUBLISH – We send you your final proofed copy, ready to be printed or published. Done and Done!

FINAL APPROVAL – You give us the A-okay and tell us you LOVE what we wrote!

Mara understands how marketing works with live events and with coaching and she has a real no fluff, get the result type of attitude that we really needed to help us get to the next level in our business. She brought a marketing eye that we've never seen before.